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I understand your sentiment but do you also care about bicycle safety in Nashville? Do you wish we could increase the number of bicycle riders in Nashville? That only happens when a city takes bicycle infrastructure seriously and that’s not Nashville.

A group of veteran bicycle riders started this Political Action Committee to endorse and support candidates. Last August we held local elections for Mayor, Vice-Mayor, five at-large and thirty-five district council seats. We talked to and endorsed many politicans and hope they listen to bicycle riders and our concerns.  They all support biking and walking in Nashville but we need more than talk. Now we'll find out.


Safe Streets PAC  raised several thousand dollars with the help of  our supporters.  Now we'll see our Metro governments responds.



Why we should you give up your hard earned dollars and contribute?


Last year Bicycling Magazine chose its’ Top Fifty Cities for Cycling and Nashville was nowhere on the list. Chattanooga, Knoxville and, believe it or not, Memphis were included.   People for Bikes, an industry group, rates Nashville behind those same cities, as well as, Louisville and Charlotte.


The city council and the Mayor approved the use of thousands of scooters on the streets of Nashville last year. They mandated that Public Works create parking “corrals” for scooters. Each of the seven scooter companies has a high priced lobbyist. When was the last time council mandated anything to help bicyclists?


One of the scooter riders was killed on Demonbreun Street and the political class is in an uproar. Bicycle commuters have told the city this street was unsafe for years and little was done.


Finding a closed greenway during a concert or baseball game or dodging illegally parked trucks n Demonbreun hill will remind you we can do much better.  Our Mayor reduced the funding for bike projects in the last capital budget and council passed it. Not a peep of protest was heard.


We’re under no illusion that this will make us a politically powerful lobby overnight but it’s a start.


Read the Walk Bike Nashville Voter Guide to find out what the candidates said and we'll find out if they follow through.  .

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Safe Streets PAC is a registered with the Davidson County Election Commssion and is in compliance with all applicable state laws.

Carey Rogers, Treasurer

Tom Grose, Chair.


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