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Join us to make Nashville safer for biking and walking.

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We don't either.


A group of veteran bicycle riders and advocates started the Safe Streets  Political Action Committee to endorse and support candidates. We helped some winning candidates and now we want them to make this a safer city for biking and walking. Cyclists need to act like a special interest group and this is a start to make sure the decision makers listen.


Our Endorsements


Every politician I know claims they are supportive of biking and walking in Nashville but we need more than talk.  Help us out today with $20, $100 or more. 

The goal of the Safe Streets PAC is to raise funds to donate to candidates who deserve our support.

Every donor will have input into our endorsement decisions whether you give $20 or $1,000.


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Safe Streets PAC is registered with the Davidson County Election Commssion and is in compliance with all applicable state laws.

Carey Rogers, Treasurer  Tom Grose, Chair.


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If you prefer to pay by check send it to Safe Streets PAC, 1310 Howard Ave., Nashville 37216.

Donations of more than $100 require name, address, job title, and employer. Sorry it's state law.



Think that local politicians

listen to  bicycle riders?

Safe Streets Campaign led a visibility event October 9 on Demonbreun Street to demonstrate the dangers of illegal parking in bike lanes and the overall dangerous design. This is a street designed for cars and not human beings.


Write the Mayor and Tell Him to Keep the Greenways Open

Natalie Neysa Alund writes about the ongoing closures at Ascend Theater. 






Bike riders know this is a common failure by a Metro government unconcerned about any transportation alternative to cars. We tried to get this done a few years ago without success but we can push our elected leaders to the right thing.


Contact Mayor Cooper at


and  the Parks Director


Tweet to all of them     @MetroParksNash    @Greenways4Nash         @JohnCooper4Nash     @freddieoconnell


Ask them to


Keep the Ascend Amphitheater greenway open 24/7

Keep the Sounds Stadium greenway open 24/7

Make Greenways part of the transportation system in Nashville and quit treating us like second class citizens