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A group of veteran bicycle riders and advocates started the Safe Streets  Political Action Committee to endorse and support candidates. We helped some winning candidates and now we want them to make this a safer city for biking and walking. 


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Every politician I know claims they are supportive of biking and walking in Nashville but we need more than talk.  Help us out today with $20, $100 or more. 

The goal of the Safe Streets PAC is to raise funds to donate to candidates who deserve our support. Every donor will have input into our endorsement decisions whether you give $20 or $1,000.


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Safe Streets PAC is registered with the Davidson County Election Commssion and is in compliance with all applicable state laws.

Carey Rogers, Treasurer  Tom Grose, Chair.


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Think that local politicians listen to  bicycle riders?

Will the Robots Control Our Streets and Sidewalks?


The General Assembly passed a law this session (Public Chapter 685) to allow “personal delivery devices” powered by an electric motor on sidewalks, streets and crosswalks. They can be operated with or without human control. The legislation became effective on July 1 but allows local governments to prohibit these devices.


Prior to this legislation Davidson County citizens controlled our own sidewalks. Today we share them with robots from Amazon and FedEx. BL2020-333  gives us back that control by banning these robots.


BL2020-333  is not anti- technology. This is about local control. A public discussion about robot technology is entirely appropriate but we should first prohibit them so the city is in control of any implementation.


We should learn from, and not repeat, the experience with electric scooters. They were on the streets before the city was ready to deal with the challenge. The last council passed three bills to regulate scooters and this council passed a fourth. We don’t even know if the current plan will work.


These devices are in the earliest stages of development. We should slow down and have a full and complete public discussion about the use of Nashville’s sidewalks.


 What is the impact on senior citizens and the disabled?  What about a family pushing a stroller on the sidewalk? What will a robot do when it encounters an electric pole blocking its path?  Nashville has a sidewalk deficit and this could make it worse.


The lobbyists for Jeff Bezos and Fred Smith are already working against this bill.


Please contact your council member and ask them to vote for BL2020-333 with no amendments and no deferrals. Then we can discuss how robot delivery would be implemented.


Carey Rogers