Safe Streets CAMPAIGN agenda

What We Want 



  • Allow Class 1 and 2 e-bikes on greenways and allow BCycle, Spin, Bird and Lime to rent e-bikes.


  • Complete the downtown core bike lanes now


  • Fund bike infrastructure at a level that will make a real difference and upgrade the rest of our                " bikeway network".


  • Fix Demonbreun Street immediately before a serious injury or death occurs


  • Change the KVB bridge bike lane so riders are safe and feel safe.


  • Create separated bike lanes and stop painting white lines that are too narrow and include the gutter. When a car can park in a bike lane it's not worth the paint.


  • Hire a fulltime Bike/Ped Coordinator in the Mayor’s Office to represent our goals and bring someone from a real bike friendly city like Minneapolis or Portland.


  • Revitalize the Mayor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee so it is more representative, listens to the community and even gives the Mayor some advice.


  • Make greenways part of the transportation system and keep them open 24/7. No more closures for concerts or baseball games.  When a greenway is closed for repairs act like it’s important instead of just another item on the to do list.


  • Make it clear that e-bikes are allowed on all greenways to encourage cycling with groups that would never consider bicycling.



  • Pass a Complete Streets Ordinance


  • Pass a Vision Zero Ordinance to Require Action on Road Safety


  • Monitor the progress of the Shared Urban Mobility Device program and advocate for SUMD micro-mobility


  • Support the Bcycle program and support the change to e-bikes




 That’s just a start. Got some ideas? Send them to us and we’ll add them to the list.

Safe Streets PAC is a registered with the Davidson County Election Commssion and is in compliance with all applicable state laws.

Carey Rogers, Treasurer

Tom Grose, Chair.



Feel free to e-mail us for more info: